Joyce Shaffer's love for God and Country.


I was born the last child out of a litter of nine!!  I always teased my siblings the "best was saved for last", of course it isn't true!!  My father was a sharecropper in dry land bean country in Colorado. My mother had her hands full at home keeping up with all of us kids. We were dirt poor and lived in a three room shack with our only modern convenience being electricity. No plumbing.

I watched the sun come up through the cracks in the walls of the large bedroom we all shared, beds lining the walls down each long wall of the room. I was 11 yrs. old when we moved. My father died tragically and the family had to find a new life.  
Joyce Shaffer at home withe her colts.

I married very young and raised two children.  My only daughter passed away in a car wreck in CA. in 1991. My only son served in the USMC in Desert Storm, thank God he came home to us safely! He continues to serve mankind in a small Colorado town as

a volunteer Emergency Medical Tech I. I'm very proud of him!! My husband is also an inactive Marine!  Once a Marine, always a Marine!!  We have four grandsons who have served in the USMC and one who served in the USAF.  We are a patriotic family and serve our America with pride!! America's military and our veterans are my HEROES!!

My music is God inspired and I give the praise to HIM! I'm a Christian patriot and sing songs to encourage folks to put God first in their lives and let Him do the worrying for us. He has sustained me through many losses and heartaches and know He is still in control. My music is about true to life experience or people who have influenced my life, giving the praise to the One who loves us most!  "American Country Gospel" is my cup of tea in music and I hope you will enjoy listening!  I wear the colors of our Nation and "on my knees I stand behind the Cross"..... when Christians are serious about taking a stand, we will begin on our knees!!!!  Want some changes in your life or in our Nation?? Duck and let God do it!

     Blessings, Joyce

A word about my friend Joyce Shaffer:

Joyce Shaffer grew up in the America of the 1950's when patriotism and common sense was abundant and the American flag was proudly honored at all functions. Joyce knew as a child the special place America held in the world and it shows in her music today. Her deep faith in God and abiding love of country inspire her songwriting and give her the strength to keep her message going strong. Joyce may have grown up poor, but she found riches in the beauty of the rugged Colorado landscape which has been her home. Finding a rewarding life on their ranch, Joyce and her husband, Danny, raise paint and running quarter horses. Joyce has a background in music with a band she sang with in the 1980's called “Country Comfort”, but she never thought she would someday be writing and performing her own songs. Not until it became clear to her that America was heading down the wrong path and that our freedoms were for the first time in her life changing for the worse, did inspiration give her the words to write and sing. Inspired by God, Joyce writes the words given to her. Her music now has made its way across our country and is loved by those who remember the strong, self-reliant America before someone wanted to change it. Dedicated to help right the wrong visited upon America, Joyce is untiring in her effort to spread the message through her music. She is an American Patriot and I am proud to call her my friend.


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